Where does Gforce work?

Glass is everywhere and damage can occur during daily use and abuse to mismanagement and production issues. The possibilities of finding glass for repair are endless. Gforce ™ offers a simple and cost-effective solution such as saves time, money and glass.


manufacturing facilities

When the glass is made, hardened, and then prepared for shipping, the chances of scratches are large. Instead of throwing the damaged glass, you can quickly and effectively remove glass rubs and less scratches that reduce waste and benefit the economy of your factory. It is therefore more than half of all large doors and window manufacturers worldwide, who use Gforce to save glass, time and money.

Commercial buildings

From small to large department stores to high-rise buildings and office buildings, Gforce has been used everywhere in the world. When the glass has been delivered and installed, there are many ways the glass can be damaged. Do you want to exit the window, remove trim, reinstall the window, and repaint? Sounds costly and time consuming, right? Instead, use Gforce to eliminate this cycle of waste.


We cannot forget the glass used by cars, trucks and buses. If the windshield is scratched, perhaps from older wiper blades, then you know how annoying, not to say visible, it can be. Gforce will remove these scratches without distortion. The system is so efficient that almost all OEMs and windshield distributors use it to remove scratches that occur in the manufacturing and / or delivery process.


If you are a home builder, you are not alone in having problems with scratched glass. Windows, doors, shower walls - all these places are exposed to scratch damage throughout the construction process.

Do not replace a scratched window or door if you do not have to. Certainly it may seem cheaper to simply throw away the old window and start over. It is not. It costs time and all builders will say that the time is equal to money. Remove scratches that occur during the construction process quickly and easily. You will wonder why you thought to start over was better.

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