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Why should you repair the windshield?

It's pretty simple.
Both you and the environment benefit from it. In the world, incredible amounts of glass are changed annually and repaired in time, that sum drops dramatically
Keep in mind that the environment is also spared at the same time.


Therefore, you should choose Glas-Weld

As road maintenance decreases across the country, windscreen damage increases due to loose pavement. And thus also the need for wind turbines increases
As the prices for swaps increase due to more and more squares being glued, the interest in windscreen repairs is also increasing.

When others offer their glass repair methods, only the Glas-Weld offers the most complete concept. Well-established Glas-Weld Technicians in Sweden, for many years, have repaired the 1000-tens of stone chips a year and together with over a thousand employees all over the world have taken the lead in the glass repair market.

Glas-Weld has its stronghold in the United States. For more than a decade, there have been their research and development departments. The Glas-Weld system is constantly being tested and developed from tools, equipment and chemicals to training and technology.

Tools for the pros

One of the reasons for the Glas-Weld System's success is the patented injector systems. When others have simple tools that are actually designed for a "do it self", Glas-Weld has developed professional tools that hold 1000's number of repairs, year after year.
The injectors have the simplicity and yet a superior function with the combination of vacuum and pressure and a custom special UV lamp for quick and safe curing.

The result: almost invisible, professional repairs every time, done with speed and quality.
So good quality that we promise 2's Sustainability Guarantee.

Removing water stains from glass is easy and affordable

Our new professional level biodegradable, water-based glass stain removal has been used, tested and approved by our go to team of customer focus group participants.

Here's what customers have to say about our proClean ™ Water Spot & Stain Remover

  • Easy to apply with outstanding results.
  • Removes stains from vehicles, boats, stove tops, shower doors and more.

GlassWelds ProClean ™ Water Spot & Stain Remover:

  • Removes lime deposits, oxidized paint, rust and grease engine.
  • Takes Step 1, 2 & 3 spotting.
  • Effective for removing atmospheric etching.
  • Again glass, metal surfaces, painted surfaces, fiberglass gelcoat, stove tops, pans and pans, tiles and showers. See other uses for proClean.
  • Easy to apply. Water based. Biodegradable.

“This is a far superior product! We have used other products before, but Proclean made my employees and my life easier. No other products compared to Proclean. It made the water stains disappear with little effort and minimal decontamination. The Proclean included several windows per bottle and worked better, making the windows that needed to be replaced as new again! We will use it again and recommend it to anyone with hard water stains. "

Peter Shanks
White Oak Construction

The picture below shows before and after cleaning the stage 3 damage to the windows of the Deschutes Brewery headquarters in Bend, Oregon.

Proclean ™ Water Spot & Stain Remover is available individually in 16 ounce bottles or by the case (12 / case) and can be applied by hand or used with our Gforce glass polisher.

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