It is quite simple – Both you and the environment benefit from this.


The world changed the incredible amounts of glass annually
repaired it in time drops the sum dramatic
Keep in mind that the environment is also spared the same time.

Why you should choose Glas-Weld

As the road maintenance decreases over the country increases windshield damage due loose road surfaces. And thus increases the need for vindrutelagningar
As the prices for replacements increases due that more and more squares hard glued also increases the interest for windshield repairs.


When other offers glass repair methods, just Glas-Weld offering the most complete concept. Well established Glas-Weld Engineer in Sweden, has for many years cooked 1000s stone chips a year, along with over a thousand employees worldwide have taken the lead glass repair market.


Glas-Weld has its stronghold in the United States. There have been more than a decade of their research and development departments. Which tested and developed Glas-Weld system constantly, from tools, equipment, chemicals, training and technology.

Both you and the environment will profit from it
Tools for pros

One of the reasons Glas-Weld Systems’ success is they patented injector systems. While others have simple tools that really are designed for a “do it yourselfers” has Glas-Weld developed professional tool that keeps the 1000s repairs, year after year.


The injectors have the simplicity and yet a superior function with the combination of vacuum and pressure and an adapted special UV lamp for fast and safe curing.


The result: Almost invisible, professional repairs every time, carried out with speed and quality.
Such good quality that we promise 2 years Sustainability Guarantee.