Headlight restoration
Gclear ™ restoration kit for headlights

The vehicle’s headlights can be restored to new condition, which lasts for many years!

Why Is Gclear Headlight Restoration Process better than the cheap that you see on TV?
  • Gclear have an OEM UV protective coating which we persist with the durability to light using a UV frequency matching curing light
  • Gclear may even cure in natural sunlight
  • Gclear UV coating lasts for years, because it contains UV inhibitors – this prevents the light from the sun from breaking down The coating
  • Your headlights will look like new again
  • 3 simple steps – clear away old The coating, add the new The coating, UV curing the novel The coating.

Floodlights are made of polycarbonate and is protected with an OEM-grade UV Hardcoat. This UV Hardcoat oxidizes over time, especially in harder weather conditions and long exposure to sunlight.

If the repair is made only by polishing or using a non-OEM coating, the plastic will start microcrack and the plastic begins to oxidize. You do not want oxidized headlights. Choose a high-quality repair solution that will last for years. Select Gclear …

Beneficial for both you and the environment!